Blue Owl Coffee Hours

Blue Owl Coffee Hours: Sip & Relax at Our Locations

Blue Owl Coffee Hours vary depending on the location and day of the week, but they typically open at 8 AM and close at 5 PM. Blue Owl Coffee is a family-owned business with three locations in the greater Lansing area that offer traditional coffee and tea drinks, as well as art exhibitions and live music events.

Well-behaved pets are welcome both indoors and on the patio, making it a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee with your furry friend. Their mission is to bring lasting hope to the world around us through music, coffee, or whatever means possible.

Check out their website to view their menu and find a location near you.

About Blue Owl Coffee

Blue Owl Coffee has a location in Austin, Texas, and their operating hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. The cafe specializes in traditional coffee and tea, and offers a variety of menu selections for its customers.

Introduction To Blue Owl Coffee

Blue Owl Coffee is a family-owned company founded in Austin, Texas, United States, in 2016. They aim to bring unique, high-quality coffee to their customers while maintaining a lasting hope in the world around them. They also offer a range of delicious food options, including pastries and baked goods.

History Of Blue Owl Coffee

Blue Owl Coffee was founded by Jeff and Robyn McKenzie, who wanted to create a unique coffee experience in Austin, Texas. In 2019, Nick Berry joined the team as the new owner, bringing his passion for coffee to the business. The company is known for its flagship product, the Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee, which is aged in oak barrels and has a distinct flavor.

Locations Of Blue Owl Coffee

Blue Owl Coffee currently has three locations in the greater Lansing area, including REO Town, Old Town, and East Lansing. All of their locations offer a cozy atmosphere and friendly service, making it the perfect spot for a quick coffee break or a relaxing afternoon with friends. They also have a range of events and art exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing local art and culture. If you’re looking for a unique coffee experience that offers delicious coffee and food along with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Blue Owl Coffee is the perfect spot for you. Their dedication to quality and community make them stand out in the Austin coffee scene, and their Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee is a must-try for any coffee lover.
Blue Owl Coffee Hours: Sip & Relax at Our Locations


What To Expect At Blue Owl Coffee Hours

Experience a warm and cozy atmosphere at Blue Owl Coffee Hours located in Austin, Texas. Enjoy unique and flavorful drinks with friends or colleagues while immersing yourself in the welcoming ambiance.

Overview Of Blue Owl Coffee Hours

Blue Owl Coffee Hours is a popular coffee shop located in Austin, Texas, that has gained a loyal following thanks to its delicious coffee and cozy ambiance. The shop is open from 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week, welcoming coffee lovers and those looking for a relaxing place to work to its charming interior.

Menu Options At Blue Owl Coffee

At Blue Owl Coffee Hours, you can expect a wide range of coffee options to choose from, including pour-over coffee, espresso, latte, and cappuccino. The coffee is roasted in-house by their skilled roasters, ensuring a fresh and flavorful taste. In addition to coffee, you’ll find a variety of pastries, snacks, and other light bites to enjoy alongside your coffee.

Event Schedule At Blue Owl Coffee

Blue Owl Coffee Hours hosts a variety of events, from live music to art exhibits and more. The events calendar can be found on their website, and updates are frequently posted on their social media pages. Attending an event at Blue Owl Coffee Hours is a great way to meet new people or spend time with friends in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Pet-friendly Policy At Blue Owl Coffee

Blue Owl Coffee Hours is a pet-friendly coffee shop, welcoming well-behaved pets both indoors and outdoors on their patio. They even have a special drink menu for dogs, with options such as the “Puppuccino” and “Doggie Mocha.” So bring your furry friend along and enjoy a great cup of coffee together!

If you’re looking for a cozy and welcoming coffee shop in Austin, Texas, Blue Owl Coffee Hours is the perfect place to visit. With a delicious coffee menu, a range of tasty snacks, and a calendar full of exciting events, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, their pet-friendly policies make this coffee shop truly unique and welcoming to all.

Blue Owl Coffee: More Than Just A Café

Blue Owl Coffee is more than just a café, they are a family committed to bringing hope through music, coffee, and other means possible. With three convenient locations in Lansing, Michigan, customers can enjoy traditional coffee and tea offerings along with art exhibitions and a welcoming atmosphere.

Blue Owl Coffee hours vary by location, but generally are 8am-5pm.

Blue Owl Coffee: More Than Just a Café Blue Owl Coffee in Austin, Texas is a trendy hotspot for coffee enthusiasts, but it’s more than just a place for caffeine. The coffeehouse is a hub for hosting local events, art exhibitions, and community outreach programs in the area. These activities have brought people together from all walks of life, making Blue Owl Coffee a gathering place for creatives, students, professionals, and families. Art Exhibitions at Blue Owl Coffee Blue Owl Coffee boasts an extensive collection of art exhibitions, featuring works from local artists in the Austin area. The coffee shop’s modern and chic decor creates an ideal ambiance to showcase these creative pieces, which are for sale. Exhibitions typically rotate monthly, creating new opportunities for artists to display their work and bringing fresh and exciting pieces to customers. If you’re an art lover, make sure you stop by Blue Owl Coffee for a caffeine boost and some visually stunning art displays. Community Outreach Programs by Blue Owl Coffee Blue Owl Coffee is dedicated to improving the lives of the community members they serve. Their community outreach programs offer support and resources for individuals and groups in need. The coffee shop has partnered with charities and non-profit organizations in the area, providing funding, supplies, and time for various events. Whether it’s a local charitable organization, a school fundraiser, or a community event, Blue Owl Coffee is always eager to lend a hand. By passionately contributing to the community, Blue Owl Coffee has gained a reputation for being more than just a coffee shop. Blue Owl Coffee Merchandise and Store Blue Owl Coffee provides more than just a warm and tasty cup of coffee; the coffee shop has an extensive line of merchandise. The shop sells bags of beans, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and other coffee-related items. Customers can also purchase merchandise through Blue Owl Coffee’s online store. With their unique and trendy merchandise options, Blue Owl Coffee has created a strong brand identity that complements their mission to serve as a central hub for their community. In conclusion, Blue Owl Coffee, situated in Austin, Texas, is more than just a coffee shop. The company stands by its commitment to the community, hosting art exhibitions, running community outreach programs, and providing the community with merchandise that aligns with its values. Blue Owl Coffee is a perfect example of a company that goes the extra mile to create meaningful connections with its customers and community. Next time you’re in the Austin area, make sure you check out Blue Owl Coffee!
Blue Owl Coffee Hours: Sip & Relax at Our Locations


Blue Owl Coffee Hours: Sip & Relax at Our Locations



Blue Owl Coffee Hours is a great coffee stop for food enthusiasts and coffee aficionados. Located in the Austin area, it has become increasingly popular with those who are looking for a cozy spot to sit and grab a delicious cup of coffee whilst enjoying a tasty pastry.

Their menu boasts a range of options from classic coffee drinks to quirky flavors, catering to all taste preferences. Blue Owl Coffee Hours offers a unique and inviting atmosphere to their customers, making it a great place to catch up with friends or read a book while sipping on a high-quality cup of coffee.

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