Compass Coffee Hours

Compass Coffee Hours: The Best Place for Coffee Lovers

Compass Coffee Hours in Austin, Texas can vary depending on the location. To find the hours for a specific location, you can visit their website or search on Google for “Compass Coffee Hours near me.”

Compass Coffee is a Washington, D. C. -based coffee shop that has expanded to multiple locations, including two in Austin, Texas. The company’s mission is to make people’s days better by providing real good coffee that is peak roasted and fairly traded.

In addition to their coffee, Compass Coffee serves a variety of pastries and grab-and-go snacks from local food accelerator, Union Kitchen. The coffee shop also offers bulk coffee bags and subscription-based coffee options. Overall, Compass Coffee aims to curate a coffee experience that is tailored to each individual’s coffee journey.

Compass Coffee Hours: The Best Place for Coffee Lovers


About Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee is an American coffee roaster and café chain based in Washington D.C. Founded in 2014, the company aims to provide its customers with “Real Good Coffee” that can make their day better. The café chain currently has 16 locations throughout Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. One of these locations is in Austin, Texas, where Compass Coffee Hours are offered to the public.

History Of Compass Coffee

The founders of Compass Coffee are Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez, two former Marines who served in Afghanistan. They started their coffee business by roasting small batches in their apartments and selling them online. After several months, they opened their first coffee shop in Washington D.C. and have since expanded to other locations.

Mission Statement Of Compass Coffee

At Compass Coffee, the mission is to make people’s days better. This is achieved by providing customers with high-quality coffee that is ethically and sustainably sourced. Employees are trained on the company’s four core values:

  • Real Good Coffee
  • Everybody Cleans
  • Always Find a Way
  • Build Your City

Food And Drinks Offered At Compass Coffee Cafes

In addition to their high-quality coffee, Compass Coffee offers a range of delicious pastries like croissants, muffins, pound cakes, and other sweet treats. They also offer grab-and-go snacks from local food accelerator, Union Kitchen. At Compass Coffee Hours, you can enjoy their famous Nitro Cold Brew, pour-over coffee, and a wide range of coffee blends that can satisfy your taste buds.

Compass Coffee hours in Austin, TX, are not disclosed on the internet. So, it’s better to contact them beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Also, if you are a regular customer, then the Compass Coffee app is a great way to browse the menu, order and pay for your food and drinks for fast pick-up. What are you waiting for? Try Compass Coffee now to experience the taste of Real Good Coffee.

Compass Coffee Hours: The Best Place for Coffee Lovers


Compass Coffee Locations

Looking for Compass Coffee’s hours? You can find them at their various locations in Austin, Texas, United States. Grab a delicious pastry like croissants, muffins, pound cakes, or other sweet treats, along with your cup of Real Good Coffee™. Compass Coffee’s mission is to make people’s days better, and their employees are trained to always find a way.

If you’re a coffee lover and haven’t had the opportunity to visit Compass Coffee yet, you’re missing out on some of the best coffee shops in the United States. Compass Coffee locations are sprinkled across the country, making their coffee accessible to a wider audience. Below are a couple of Compass Coffee locations, including the flagship store.

Compass Coffee In Austin, Texas

One of the latest Compass Coffee shops is located in Austin, Texas, and has already gained popularity since its establishment in 2019. The coffee shop is situated at 420 W Guadalupe St, and it’s, without a doubt, a lovely place to stop by and grab a cup of Real Good Coffee. With its sleek interior and friendly staff, the Austin branch of Compass Coffee is here to set the standard high.

Other Compass Coffee Locations

Compass Coffee first opened its doors in 2014 in the heart of Washington, DC. Since then, they have expanded their chain across many states, including New York, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Moreover, Compass Coffee has also set its foot in a few stores, including grocery stores, to make their coffee more accessible to the public. To find a Compass Coffee store near you, check out their website and use their store locator feature.

Compass Coffee Products

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you won’t be disappointed with Compass Coffee’s offerings. They have an extensive range of coffee blends, bulk coffee bags for sale, subscription-based coffee service, and mobile and online ordering options. Let’s dive into the different types of coffee blends offered by this coffee shop.

Types Of Coffee Blends Offered By Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee takes pride in their unique blends, which are named after different points of a compass. They offer an impressive selection of 14 coffee blends, each with its distinct flavor profile that appeals to coffee drinkers’ preferences. Whether you prefer light, medium, or dark roast, you’ll find something that suits your taste. Some of their popular blends include:

Coffee Blend Flavor Profile
Northern Lights Tangy and bright, with light citrus notes
Cardinal Blend Full-bodied blend with chocolate flavors
Chinatown Fruity with hints of cocoa and caramel

Bulk Coffee Bags For Sale

Compass Coffee offers bulk coffee bags for those who prefer brewing coffee at home. The coffee beans are freshly roasted, ensuring that you get a rich and flavorful cup of coffee every time you brew. The bags are available in different sizes- 12oz, 2 lbs, and 5 lbs. You can choose any of their coffee blends as per your taste preference. Enjoy the convenience of having a stash of freshly roasted coffee at your disposal with their bulk coffee bags.

Subscription-based Coffee Service

If you’re someone who can’t imagine starting the day without coffee, Compass Coffee’s subscription-based coffee service is perfect for you. The subscription packages range from weekly to monthly deliveries and can be customized as per your coffee consumption. You can sign up for their subscription service and have premium coffee delivered straight to your doorstep. And with their excellent customer service team, making changes to your subscription is hassle-free.

Mobile Order And Online Ordering Available

Compass Coffee adds a modern touch to your coffee experience with their mobile order and online ordering options. You can order and pay for your coffee using the Compass Coffee app from your smartphone. You can also use their online ordering platform to place an order from their website. These options ensure that you get your coffee fix quickly and efficiently-and without waiting in long lines!

Compass Coffee Hours: The Best Place for Coffee Lovers



Compass Coffee Hours in Austin, Texas offers a unique and personalized coffee experience to locals and tourists alike. With a variety of delicious pastries and grab-and-go snacks, it’s the perfect spot to refuel during a day out. Their mission to make people’s days better shines through in every cup of Real Good Coffee™ they serve, and their commitment to their core values sets them apart from other coffee shops.

So whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for a great place to hang out, Compass Coffee Hours should be at the top of your list.

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