Cowell Coffee Shop Hours: Best Times for a Perfect Brew

Cowell Coffee Shop hours are 10 AM-3:30 PM Tuesday through Saturday and closed on Sundays and Mondays. Cowell Coffee Shop is a student-run café at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The café strives to make healthy and sustainable food accessible to students facing food insecurity. The Cowell Coffee Shop is committed to offering free food to all students and staff without any transactional exchanges. The café offers a variety of discounted day-olds, salads, and fruits and veggies to make the best of healthy eating.

Cowell Coffee Shop has gained popularity over the years for its food and drink offerings at affordable prices to the masses. Whether you need your morning coffee fix, a breakfast bite, or lunch, Cowell Coffee Shop has something to offer.

Cowell Coffee Shop Hours: Best Times for a Perfect Brew


Best Times To Visit Cowell Coffee Shop

When visiting Cowell Coffee Shop in Austin, Texas, it’s important to note their hours of operation. They are open from 10AM to 3:30PM on Tuesdays through Saturdays, but closed on Sundays and Mondays. It’s a great spot to enjoy delicious coffee and discounted day-old items.

Weekdays Vs Weekends

If you want to avoid the rush at Cowell Coffee Shop and enjoy a quiet and peaceful cup of coffee, visiting on weekdays is your best bet. Between Mondays and Fridays, the coffee shop is open from 10AM to 3:30 PM, which is a perfect time frame to get your caffeine fix. However, if you prefer a more lively environment, weekends can be busier. During weekends, Cowell Coffee Shop operates on adjusted hours, which could vary depending on the season.

Morning Vs Afternoon

If you’re an early bird or just need a morning boost, stopping by Cowell Coffee Shop during its opening hours is an excellent choice. Grab a croissant and a cup of coffee, and you’re ready to start your day. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for a more chilled-out atmosphere and want to take a break from work, Cowell Coffee Shop in the late afternoon will more than satisfy your craving. With students and staff slowly dispersing, you can take your time with a book or catch up with friends without having to compete for a table.

Seasonal Hours

It’s important to note that Cowell Coffee Shop has different hours during the school holidays compared to the academic year. If you plan on visiting Cowell during the holidays, be sure to check the college website or social media pages for their adjusted opening hours. Also, consider the weather when planning your trip. Since the coffee shop is situated in Texas, it is advisable to plan for sweltering summers or chilly winters to avoid disappointment. In conclusion, Cowell Coffee Shop is an excellent spot to grab a coffee and pastry when you need a pick-me-up or break from work. Choosing the best time to visit is essential to make the most of your experience, and it is dependent on your preferences, schedule, and season. Keep these factors in mind when planning your visit to Cowell Coffee Shop.
Cowell Coffee Shop Hours: Best Times for a Perfect Brew


Other Information

Other Information:

Location And Contact Information:

Located in Austin, Texas, Cowell Coffee Shop is a popular student-run café committed to making healthy and sustainable food accessible to students facing food insecurity. Cowell Coffee Shop is situated in Cowell College, and the address is not difficult to locate. Cowell Coffee Shop hours vary during different days, and they are usually open from 10 AM to 3:30 PM except for Sunday and Monday. Cowell Coffee Shop Tuesday hours are also changed, so you need to check them before heading there to avoid inconvenience.

You can get in touch with their customer service via phone on (831) 459-2710. The café provides good quality food, and many people leave positive reviews about the delicious food. Cowell Coffee Shop also serves discounted day-olds and salads, which are among customers’ favorites.

Reviews And Recommendations:

Many people like the food at Cowell Coffee Shop, and this is evident from the positive reviews. Katelyn Odonnell mentions in her review on Google, “Cafe food at this location – very good.” Emily D wrote, “Discounted day-olds and yummy salads are my go-to’s for this cafe.” Another customer, Wil Michael, shares, “Now they have free fruits and veggies that you can juice in the very new juicer.”

Cowell Coffee Shop has a 4-star rating on Yelp, and many people love the non-transactional (free) food for all students and staff. Reviews on Yelp state that lots of the ingredients used are fresh from the farm.

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Cowell Coffee Shop Hours: Best Times for a Perfect Brew



Cowell Coffee Shop Hours is the perfect spot for coffee lovers and those who love to savor a healthy and sustainable bite. With its wide range of menu options, this student-run café caters to the basic needs of students facing food insecurity.

Discounted day olds, fresh salads, free fruits, and veggies are some delicious options available. Cowell Coffee Shop has the best hours to satisfy all your coffee cravings. So, drop by Cowell Coffee Shop and enjoy the delicious coffee and food options!

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