Not Just Coffee Hours

Not Just Coffee Hours: Sipping Success

James Yoder is the founder of Not Just Coffee, located in Austin, Texas, United States. Not Just Coffee is a coffee shop that is dedicated to cultivating a supportive community that is ethical and locally driven.

They pride themselves on partnering with their neighbors at Homeland Creamery and using fresh ingredients to create their delicious coffee beverages. Not Just Coffee is more than just a coffee shop; it is a community that is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experience.

Their commitment to ethical and local business practices is evident in everything they do, from the fresh ingredients they use to the partnerships they form with neighboring businesses. If you are in the Austin area, be sure to stop by Not Just Coffee for a delicious cup of coffee and to experience their welcoming and supportive community firsthand.

Not Just Coffee Hours: Sipping Success


The Story Of Not Just Coffee

Not Just Coffee, located in Austin, Texas, is more than just a coffee shop – it’s a community. Providing ethically sourced and locally-driven products, customers can drop in during their open hours to enjoy quality coffee and support a small business.

Founding Of The Company

Not Just Coffee is a premium coffee shop chain founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2011 by James Yoder. The concept behind the coffee shop was simple – to serve freshly roasted, ethically-sourced coffee in an environment that fosters connection, community, and conversation. From its humble beginnings, Not Just Coffee has expanded to six locations across the United States, including Austin, Texas.

Ethical And Community-driven Business

At Not Just Coffee, ethics play a significant role in the way they operate their business. They are committed to sourcing coffee beans directly from farmers who are paid fairly for their work. The company uses only non-GMO, organic ingredients and is committed to reducing waste by using compostable materials. Not Just Coffee is also devoted to supporting local businesses, including partnering with local creameries to provide fresh, locally-sourced milk.

Partnering With Local Creameries

One of the unique features of Not Just Coffee is the partnership they have with local creameries. They believe that serving the best coffee requires the best ingredients, and that means using the freshest, locally-sourced milk. Not Just Coffee has formed a close relationship with Homeland Creamery, a family-owned creamery located in Julian, North Carolina. The creamery provides Not Just Coffee with fresh milk, which is simply irresistible when combined with their expertly crafted coffee. In conclusion, Not Just Coffee a brand built on values, excellence, and a commitment to the community. They strive to deliver top-quality coffee while keeping sustainability at the core of their operations. With their strong commitment to ethical business practices and community involvement, it’s no surprise that Not Just Coffee has become a beloved coffee brand not just in Charlotte but also across the United States.
Not Just Coffee Hours: Sipping Success


Menu And Locations

Not Just Coffee provides an extensive menu that goes beyond coffee hours. With various locations, you can visit them in Austin, Texas, and enjoy their locally-driven and ethical community while ordering ahead using the Odeko app.

Variety Of Menus Depending On Location

Not Just Coffee is not your typical coffee shop! They offer a wide variety of menus that vary by location. Each location has different offerings to cater to the diverse tastes of their local customers. Whether you’re craving a classic latte or something more unique like a lavender latte, you can find it at Not Just Coffee. And if you have any dietary restrictions, they also offer plant-based milk alternatives such as oat milk and almond milk. Make sure to check their menu before you visit, as they are always updating and changing.

Popular Drinks And Food Items

Not Just Coffee features popular drinks and food items that keep their customers coming back for more. You’ll find their signature drink, the Not Just Coffee, which is a refreshing blend of sparkling water, espresso, and simple syrup. Their food items are equally impressive, with a wide variety of pastries made fresh daily, delicious breakfast sandwiches, and vegan-friendly options. Don’t forget to try their famous avocado toast, which is always a hit.

Locations In Austin And Charlotte

Not Just Coffee has several locations around Austin and Charlotte, making it convenient to visit from nearly anywhere in these two cities. In Austin, you can find them at two locations, one on South Lamar Boulevard and another on East Cesar Chavez Street. Charlotte residents can visit any of their locations in the city, including their newest location in Ballantyne. Not Just Coffee is always expanding and considering opening more locations in the future. So whether you’re in Austin or Charlotte, make sure to stop by Not Just Coffee for a unique, high-quality coffee shop experience. Don’t forget to check their location-specific menus to find your new favorite drink or food item!

Coffee Culture And Tips

Discover the vibrant culture of coffee shops in Austin with Not Just Coffee. Take a break from your routine and explore their tips on how to make the most of your coffee experience, including how to store coffee beans for maximum freshness, and the best times to visit to avoid the rush.

Coffee has become a culture, an integral part of daily life for many people worldwide. It is now more than a caffeine booster, but a ritual that people cannot do without, especially for coffee aficionados. At Not Just Coffee, located in Austin, Texas, they celebrate coffee and provide helpful tips to enhance your coffee experience. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your coffee.

How To Store Coffee Beans

One of the vital aspects of preserving the quality of your coffee is proper storage. Proper storage can preserve the aroma, flavor, and freshness of the beans. Store your coffee in a dark and cool place, preferably an airtight container, to prevent exposure to light and air. Ensure that the container is dry, and avoid storing coffee in the fridge as it can create moisture, which can dampen the taste and flavor. By storing your coffee correctly, you can enjoy the full spectrum of flavor and aroma in every cup of coffee.

Faqs On Shelf Life

Understanding the shelf life of coffee is essential to ensure that you enjoy the maximum flavor and aroma of your coffee. Unopened coffee beans can last up to a year from the roast date. Once you open the bag, make sure to consume the coffee within three weeks to retain the aroma and flavor. After three weeks, you can expect the quality to deteriorate, leading to a decline in taste and aroma. Knowing the shelf life ensures that you enjoy your coffee at its peak freshness, enhancing your coffee experience.

Instagram And Events

Not Just Coffee values coffee culture and provides a community for coffee lovers through social media and events. Their Instagram page is full of vibrant images and coffee art, updates on events, and the latest coffee offerings. At Not Just Coffee, they host various events to connect coffee enthusiasts, including coffee workshops and cupping sessions. Stay in touch with Not Just Coffee events via their Instagram page, and you will always have something exciting to look forward to.
Not Just Coffee Hours: Sipping Success



Thank you for taking the time to read about Not Just Coffee, a community-driven coffee shop that offers more than just delicious coffee. From their ethical business practices and local partnerships to their inviting atmosphere and events, Not Just Coffee is a unique and special place in Austin and Charlotte.

Whether you’re looking for a place to work or simply enjoy a cup of coffee, Not Just Coffee is worth a visit. Remember, coffee beans have a shelf life, but the memories you make at Not Just Coffee will last a lifetime.

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