Organ Stop Pizza Hours

Get your fill at Organ Stop Pizza hours

Organ Stop Pizza’s hours are from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM on certain days and from 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Organ Stop Pizza is a unique restaurant located in Austin, Texas that offers pizza, Italian cuisine, and live music from a massive Wurlitzer organ.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere, affordable prices, vegetarian options, and does not accept reservations. We will take a closer look at Organ Stop Pizza’s hours, its menu, and reviews from customers who have visited the establishment.

What Is Organ Stop Pizza?

Organ Stop Pizza is a popular pizza restaurant in Austin, Texas that offers live music from a large Wurlitzer organ. They are open from 3:30PM to 8:30PM most days and until 9PM on some days, and they do not accept reservations.

Overview Of Organ Stop Pizza

Organ Stop Pizza is a renowned restaurant in Austin, Texas, known for its delicious menu of pizza and Italian fare. What sets it apart is the live music performances from a massive Wurlitzer organ. This airy spot has been entertaining locals and visitors alike for many years. Keep reading to learn more about what Organ Stop Pizza has to offer.

Food And Drinks At Organ Stop Pizza

Organ Stop Pizza offers a variety of pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. They use fresh and high-quality ingredients, and there are options for vegetarians too. Their menu also includes a wide range of refreshing drinks, including beer and wine. You’re sure to find something delicious to satisfy your cravings.

Live Music At Organ Stop Pizza

The highlight of Organ Stop Pizza is undoubtedly the live music performances. The massive Wurlitzer organ, with its pipes stretching to over 25 feet high, produces rich and powerful melodies that will leave you in awe. The music is usually played by skilled musicians who perform on a rotating schedule to keep things fresh. The experience is something unique that everyone should witness at least once. If you’re looking for a fun and memorable experience, Organ Stop Pizza is the place to be. With delicious food, refreshing drinks, and live Wurlitzer organ music, this restaurant has everything you need for a great night out. Don’t forget to check their hours of operation to plan your visit accordingly!
Get your fill at Organ Stop Pizza hours


Organ Stop Pizza Hours

At Organ Stop Pizza, located in Austin, Texas, you can enjoy a variety of pizza and Italian dishes, accompanied by live music from a massive Wurlitzer organ. The restaurant is open from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM, Sunday through Thursday, and until 9 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Organ Stop Pizza is a unique pizzeria in Austin, Texas, that offers more than just great food. With impressive live music performances from a massive Wurlitzer organ, this spot is a feast for the senses. To plan your visit and make the most of the experience, let’s take a look at Organ Stop Pizza Hours.

Weekday Hours

If you plan on stopping by Organ Stop Pizza during the week, the pizzeria is open from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM Monday through Friday, and until 9 PM on Saturdays. These hours offer convenient dining options from late afternoon to evening, perfect for a delicious dinner with family and friends.

Weekend Hours

Weekends at Organ Stop Pizza are packed with fun and lively entertainment. Enjoy the live music performances while indulging in their famous pizza, as the restaurant extends its hours on Saturdays from 3 PM to 9 PM. On Sundays, it is closed.

Busiest Hours

Organ Stop Pizza can get busy during peak hours, especially during weekends. It is best to avoid peak hours if you don’t prefer waiting or if you have a tight schedule. The restaurant experiences more traffic from 5 PM to 8 PM, and the busiest hours are from around 5 PM to 7 PM, so it’s best to plan your visit accordingly.

Day Busiest Hours
Monday-Friday 5 PM-7 PM
Saturday 5 PM-8 PM

If you prefer to avoid crowds and want to have a more relaxed experience, it’s best to visit during the weekdays, particularly between 3:30 PM and 5 PM when the restaurant is usually not too busy.

Organ Stop Pizza Hours offer a great schedule for visitors to enjoy spectacular live music performances from the world’s largest Wurlitzer organ while enjoying delicious food. Whether you plan to visit during the week or weekend, the restaurant’s opening hours have got you covered.

Interesting Facts About Organ Stop Pizza

Organ Stop Pizza in Austin, Texas features live music from a massive Wurlitzer organ and serves a menu of pizza and Italian fare. The restaurant’s hours of operation are from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM on most days with extended hours until 9 PM on certain days.

They do not accept reservations and offer vegetarian options.

Organists At Organ Stop Pizza

History Of The Organ At Organ Stop Pizza

Interesting Facts about Organ Stop Pizza: Organ Stop Pizza is a popular eatery spot located in Mesa, Arizona, that boasts a unique experience for both locals and visitors. One of the most interesting features of Organ Stop Pizza is its giant Wurlitzer organ, which not only looks stunning but also creates a festive atmosphere with its musical capability. The organ is a remarkable feat of engineering and acoustics that can’t go unnoticed. Below are some compelling facts about Organ Stop Pizza that you might find interesting. – The Organ Stop Pizza’s Wurlitzer organ is enormous and has over 5,500 pipes, making it one of the largest organs in the world. The pipes range in size from a few inches to over thirty-two feet tall. – Organ Stop Pizza uses four individual projectors to present the restaurant’s advertisements on a screen mounted on the wall behind the organ console. The big-brass pipes and screens show the restaurant’s ads, pictures of patrons, and actual advertisements between songs. – The pipe organ is entirely electric, and it is one of the few of its kind in the world. – At Organ Stop Pizza, the organist plays everything from classic rock to showtunes to movie soundtracks, and even fun nursery rhymes, making the restaurant a great destination for all ages. – The organ is a work of art, and understanding it better helps in appreciating its significance to the restaurant. The art glass used to make the organ pipes is inherently made up of silica, lead, copper, and arsenic, which makes them durable and long-lasting. – The organ has an impressive history, tracing back to 1927. It played a significant role during the silent-film era as an instrument that provided soundscapes to silent movies. – As of 2021, the restaurant still stands tall with the organ’s original design; however, there have been some necessary modernizations to make it a suitable modern performance instrument.

Organists At Organ Stop Pizza

At Organ Stop Pizza, performances are done by a team of talented organists, each with their unique style, and they always strive to create a memorable experience for the visitors. The organ is played every evening, five nights a week and all day on weekends. If you desire to watch the musicians play, visit on weekday afternoons where the organist provides an educational demonstration, explaining how the organ works and how it is played.

History Of The Organ At Organ Stop Pizza

The Organ Stop Pizza Wurlitzer organ can be traced back to 1927, and it has had different ownership over the years. After being moved to Mesa, Arizona, in 1975, it became part of the Organ Stop Pizza building, where it has remained ever since. The magnificent instrument was bought in poor condition, but it was painstakingly restored and renovated, with improvements added focusing on its sound quality and appearance. The modernization process also addressed design issues, making it suitable for playing a wide range of musical genres. The ownership company, Sitmar, sold it in 1989, and it has since changed ownership several times. The restaurant’s current owner, Jack Barz, acquired it in 2012 and ensures that the instrument remains unique and continues to be a major tourist attraction in Arizona.
Get your fill at Organ Stop Pizza hours


Get your fill at Organ Stop Pizza hours



Organ Stop Pizza is the perfect spot for pizza lovers in Austin, Texas. With their extensive menu of delicious pizza and other Italian dishes, served alongside live music from a massive Wurlitzer organ, you can rest assured that you’re in for a real treat.

Plus, the environment, prices, and service are all top-notch. Make sure you plan your visit during their open hours to avoid any disappointment.

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